Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Japanese Aircraft Carrier

Some ships are built on a whim. An idea creeps into my head and seems so easy to do. Before I know it, the idea has become a radio-controlled boat, right?

Yes and no. The KAGA, modeled after the World War 2 Japanese Aircraft Carrier, began on an whim in January of 2006. I decided it ought to be easy to build a Japanese WW2 carrier and there don't seem to be alot of them on the internet.

Just as construction was gearing up, my father in law passed away due to cancer in Japan. I returned from Japan alone while my wife stayed with her mother. With so much free time, I decided to get the Kaga hurried up and done.

The sudden construction of the destroyer USS AMOS HATHAWAY severely disrupted the Kaga. The Hathaway occupied much of my imagination and her testing period took away from any time I would have spent on the Kaga. After her hull and flight deck were constructed, the Kaga idled.

The Kaga would see little work again until literally the night before her sceduled Maiden Voyage, when the prop shafts, rudder, motors and radio were all feverishly installed. I had to get her done so I could concentrate on QUEEN MARY construction.

The Kaga sailed her Maiden Voyage on March 18, 2006 at Dobson Lake in Mesa, just before the Hathaway sailed HER Maiden Voyage.

The Kaga settled into a pretty quiet life as a reserve ship in my R/C fleet. She sails not as often as a fleet star like the ECSTASY or Queen Mary,

In August 2006, she was renovated with a new painted flight deck which dramatically improved her overall appearance and a new rudder to reduce the incidents of broken rudders.

She will continue to be upgraded over the course of her life with more detail and aircraft on her flight deck.

Barrett Hochhaus


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Ronan Jimson said...

Hey Barrett, I want to introduce you a article site:
See u soon, Barrett

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Hernan Rubio said...

Hi, Congratulations.
I am a big fan of Japanese ships. I have a Japanese destroyer scaling 1-100. The IJN Yukikaze. We are in contact!!

Hernan of Argentina!


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